I am a proud Egyptian!!

Ana 7adkhol fel mawdoo3…

This is a brief post, to celebrate having internet connection back after it has been off for the past six days.

Millions of Egyptians protested…

The police killed many…more appeared everywhere…mubarak gave orders to the police to vanish everywhere around the country…but also secret police, thugs and others who had machine guns filled the country breaking and stealing and terrifying people.

A curfew paralyzed the country where shops closed and people went home…no car gas…no pharmacies…no markets.

no phones…no internet…no life!

the men living in every street held sticks and made check points so they can secure their families in their neighborhoods.

Organized, polite and strong-willed stayed all night in the street down each building to secure it.

The sound of non stop shooting and machine guns terrified my kids and mom…it was so close and so heavy and so loud…we were home…but scared as news that those thugs go up to apartments to steel and attack.

BUT…millions fought…millions protested…milluions had demands…millions weren’t scared.

we rewrote history…and we are proud Egyptians again.

The whole world saw us and was inspired…other countries took action to change their situations after our force echoed everywhere.

I had lost hope at sometime and was going to travel away…now i am filled with hope and pride and power-driven from such a hard situation.

Ok…so econmics will suffer…well, it has been bad for Egyptians economically for so long because of the thieves in the governments…now, it might be bad but because we are willing to pay the price of freedom.

History has been made…everything will be different…and i have more to say but later…as now i am overwhelmed and excited that i have internet connection back

but before i go read around every post that has been written in the past days…I wanna express my gratitude and appreciation to my friends who called when phones were on.

Thank you…I cherish you and feel fortunate that i have you as my friends.


The above post was written before i realize the massacre Mubarak has ordered for in Tahrir square down town Cairo.

He ordered thugs, secret police in casual clothing and paid gangs to attack the protestors.

They attacked them by horses, knives, acid and sticks and stones…many were killed and hundreds were injured and the army forces present at that location did NOTHING.

Mubarak is a trator…Mubarak should be prosecuted for treason…Mubarak is an old wounded war beast that planed revenge from the peaceful protestors…Mubarak is the new age fer3awn…

The new minister for interior security should be prosecuted as well…the vice president and the prime minister and the head of the military forces.

Egyptian people won’t retreat…Egyptian people will continue what they started…Egyptian people will attain freedom…God willing!


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