A message to friends and friends of friends…

Friends and friends of friends in arab countries like Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and other countries….

I was puzzled and slightly sad of some reactions towards the current situation in egypt.

My emotions are totally stressed and inflamed so i won’t talk much but rather state my concern straight to the point.

On face book…on blogs…on twitter…some of you and some of your friends reacted in one or many of the following responses:

– a complete cold shoulder and ignoring the subject.

– saying: we have no business in the egyptian business…khaleena fe 7alna.

– mocking the situation…some insulted Egyptians calling the lame or copying Tunis.

– some gloated.

– some blamed their friends for taking a stand or showing heart and compassion to egyptian freedom.

It was hurtful and left me puzzled and asking myself why…

If it’s because the egyptian government played against their causes and screwed their countries, well…yeah it happened but it happened from the very government we are rebelling against…not from the people…on the contrary…when plastanians suffer from their internal situation on daily basis every egyptian support them and we cry blood instead of tears for them…during the Lebanon war and also for Iraq…egyptians demonstarted for them and we would watch the news and cry because we can’t help…and because our government is lame…so…guys around arab countries…egyptian epople was never an enemy…if it’s because you hate egyptian people lelah fe lelah…then ok, at least support freedom as a meaning…

Doesn’t it inspire you?

five years ago i received more than a 100 comment on my jeeran blog supporting me when i was in a painful personal situation!!

five weeks ago bloggers gathered from every country to celebrate the good old blogging days….and now…when millons of people are rebelling against corruption, brutality and injustice…people mention it shamefully or not support it at all.

Anyway…as sad as i am…I am also proud of my courageous friends who call me for support…take the heat from their friends when they speak highly of my revolution…or chose to have a stated opinion rather than a silent one!


8 thoughts on “A message to friends and friends of friends…

  1. Rasha, habeebti, I am so sorry! It must feel terrible to be unsupported in a time of terrible national anxiety and trauma, yet also joy and hope in a better future.

    May God keep, bless, rebuild and reform Egypt into a completely new thing. I am praying for you!


  2. I got a link to your blog from my FB friends. I’m shocked to read that some people were not supporting you or the brave Egyptians who are doing a heroic job demanding their legitimate rights. Don’t worry honey. Some people do that because they apathetic and don’t want to do anything positive to better the life of themselves and their people. I am very proud myself as well as all my family. We are praying for you and the pro-democracy people who are calling for justice and human rights which were trampled on by the despotic regime. Keep your spirit high, and be careful. This Egyptian revolution that just started 10 days ago, is an inspiration and hope for many people in countries all over the world. Please stay all united and accept my highest regards and respect to you and all who are taking part in this unprecedented movement.


  3. Thank you Kinzi…not all people like you 🙂
    it hurt to read a friend praising the revolution then bashed by his friends for feeling for us…it left me puzzled!!
    You are most appreciated dear.

    Fadi…hmm…:) tayeb 🙂

    Mona…you are words are uplifting and honorable…thank you…May god bless you and your family 🙂


  4. Well, I’m speechless,
    first I’m sorry for those small minds, reflecting their faliure or unlucky situations on something tottaly different, change is a scary thing, but I put my heart and mind on the choises people of Egypt will take, closeing the door for being a part of somebody’s agenda!
    but I will repeat something I said once,
    As Palestinian who feels the shame of what is happening in “Palestine”
    I’m not scared or ashamed to let the Egyptian pride shine upon me!
    Allah Yonsorkom, we Ynawerelkom 6aree2 el sa7 😀
    wa5ed bali ah ?


  5. a5adan bal 3alamy 🙂
    Well sharifo…I am so proud of your stand…and as i meantioned in my post…thank you for taking the heat from your friends…i am honored to be your friend.


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