About tomorrow…

I know in my heart that the revolution did it…I believe the change has been done and what’s left is a matter of formality.

After all, Changing mind sets of millions is definitely the Change that will make tyrans falls…or they have already.

The aftermath is what occupies my mind now…who’s next…what is next…how would the country be handled??

The several questions people choose to add answers to from their preferences.

Well…who’s next?

I can not speculate…personally the only name that appeals to me is Amr Mousa…yet, I’m not sure he’s tough enough…i’m not sure if he is a man with firm actions and fast decision-making…

What’s next?

More democracy definitly…less corruption for sure…not total…not complete…but related to the amount of correction that happened in the Egyptian mind and personality, as ordinary people are the ones playing under the big names’ ruling…corruption won’t be the default and people learned NOW that who ever messes up will be punished.

How would the country be handled?

Noone..and i repeat no one in any position that could handle egypt had any experience in handling a democratic country…the corrective system we want and wish for has never been trained for or practiced…so i guess it will be a matter of doing their best or…trying to do their best…and again, democracy won’t be completely practiced by the government…but…the people will always have the power to change…elmared tele3 men el2om2om 🙂

that being said, having incomplete corrections and unexperienced trials and being led by someone who doesn’t have the “know how” is not a bad thing…as a matter of fact it is the first step in the road of excellence…

Which brings me to a last question…is there a chance of an excellent fair ruling??

Well…flawless and perfect…NO!!

With pros and cons but most public can agree on…well…possible!


Because i believe that power and what it attracts (lust, money and arrogance) is a major fetna that no one can handle 100%.

This is how Humans are, was and always will be…

but…i also believe that having a totally correct government is not the most major accomplishment we can gain from the revolution…it is the recreation of belief in will power, freewill and pride.

And this meaning can’t be robbed from any of us…if we choose to nurture it, it can take us to the highest levels of humanity.

So…Tomorrow is about every and each one of us and the new-born treasure that has been handed to us..not about the one person who’s going to be president.

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