A Quick post about everything…

  1. I don’t like calling AlTahrir the hyde park where people make mini concerts and visit…I guess i have to elaborate a bit as lately I’ve been bdalda2 thoughts that get misunderstood ;)…Of course we should support and join and share…Support and have a part in a cause we believe in/fight for…but just lets not make it a heeeeeeeeiiiiiiih habal thing…plz…it is way more serious and meaningful than this.
  2. I don’t like how every artist that ones bashed the revolution and cried for baba mubarak now goes to Tahrir for redemption!! that is lame…that is publicity…that is fake and sickening….and as much as i would like to generalize, i will force myself to give a few the benefit of the doubt and say: elly 3eref ghalteto sincerely Rabena yesam7o. noting that…it is so much easier to join the revolution now that it is recognized and legitimate and the whole world is giving it its true value…kont fein ya tamer welnas btet2ata3 henak??!! that is what really was worth your weeping :S
  3. Who ever is spreading fear about the economy i have to say that they are exaggerating…the situation is not bad…not yet anyway…many companies are still holding on…Most people have returned to work…some even started a new job (yeah…mabrook is due here :D)…and that can not mean by anyway cooling down about the revolution…on the contrary…we should all work as hard as possible to maintain and escalade its momentum while trying to hold our lives together…lets just focus on being productive in every aspect and go easy on being consumers…the lame phase should be over…the Egyptian Authentic spirit is rising now.
  4. ya khofy ya badran…men 3omar sleiman!!
  5. I am not sure about delegating Wael Ghoniem…well, the guy is great and all…he made me cry hysterically when i watched him on TV…but i have my worries and i won’t be shy to disclose that…It doesn’t feel spontaneous and easy to clap along…why?? just a feeling…maybe he can be among a group of activists who had a major role  through the revolution…yes…i would vote for that…he’s great and sincere and all…hmm…mesh 3arfa…i can think of a point or two…bas i’ll keep those in mind untill further disclosure 😛
  6. You have no idea how this new Era has done and is doing to life…masks have fallen…puzzles have clarified…True colors of some people have shown…hiden sincereities have been reveiled…ay na3am elgada3 gada3 bas elnas betban fel azamat…trivial stuff that were normally the strings that moved our moods from side to side on daily basis now have no weight nor control on us…and i say, if this revolution didn’t help everyone participating or even watching have the strength to fight their own personal battle then they haven’t really learn anything from that amazing experience we went through…
  7. 5 posts at least have disappeared from my wall on facebook…ok…about FB…i still don’t like it but i guess that activating it days before the revolution is something remarkable…ay na3am i did so for the sake of the “good old blogging days” event…and to pass some extra time during a bad few weeks…it turned out to be useful…and back to the posts i’m referring to…well, one was a tag from Insomniac, a video making fun of mubarak’s family,one was the mounir new song, one was Chris de burgh’s REVOLUTION and the fifth is a bad out burst on pro mubarak calls…most of those had comments by friends and one of my friends messaged me asking why i deleted the posts…and i answered: I DIDN”T…then i checked and i found many not on my wall….that is impossible i know…but i didn’t…i changed my password and emailed FB…how weird is that?!!
  8. About my book…the project is -of course- postponed because of the recent interest on the Egyptian street…but a new book is in the oven and the publisher is hungry 🙂 momken do3a2 plz en rabenna yetemaha 3ala kheir this time?
  9. Every God Damn presidential period in the world is 4 years with 2 times to run for presidency maximum…why, why why why does it have to be 6 years in Egypt?? that means we will be stuck with someone for 12 years…too much…really…they should really consider changing it to 4…i mean, i need to see presidents in my life time (law rabena edany 3omr) … 
  10. That guy -you know who- has a really REALLY heavy ass!!

6 thoughts on “A Quick post about everything…

  1. Fadi, Mar7abtein…There’s no space any more for a lafa…it is not a park and i mean it.
    You can’t believe the crowd…I could walk bel3afya…millions are there…and now the surrounding areas are full as well.
    ahlan wa sahlan 🙂


  2. Copies to friends abroad is in the plan for sure 🙂 wish me luck with my deadline.
    Eli bali balek da moseeba…karesa men kawares alzaman 😀
    Thank you dear Mayyasi…your encouragement is always appreciated 🙂


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