Love, movies and I

I have to confess…I have great experience in the heart matters.

Broken or joyous…kollo 3andy.

and lately I have been enjoying my quiet evenings with movies to watch…it is quite impressive how calm i am now…

I watch romantic movies without crying and I can enjoy comedies without substituting the giggle with a smile!

Speaking of movies…new romantic comedy themes are: married couples hungry to be single and when given the chance they choose the good old loving spouse and/or the commitment…it repeated in different scenarios in movies like:

– No strings attached

– Freebie

– Go with it                                                                                     

– Hall pass                                                                          

– The dilemma

All are pretty funny and amusing…you know…the watch in bed cozy flick that can make you giggle hard two or three times along the watch…yet simple…very simple.

And because my social life is moderate but not intense, i sort of analyze what i see in movies about relationships.

And I try to figure out the truth behind behaviours.

Why do some married spouses  fantasize about single life?

Why do some married spouses go ahead and cheat?

Why does the word love means nothing at times so it is repeated just to get the undies flying or not said at all fearing the consequences?

In those movies mentioned above…there were all happy endings…when spouses (mostly men) prefered their wives or old comfortable girl friends than the boobified dolls who offer college wild quickies…noting that the age category in all movies was above 35.

I was so glad it had happy endings…It was so refreshing and hopeful.

in our lives b2a and apart from movies…Does everything in life have to go down the sexual affection stream?

ya3ni…Can’t people love 3ady and show affection without being emotionally involved?

Asdy normal healthy friendly love.

Is it movies or mere human nature that need to sexualize every type of human emotion that could exist between a man and a woman?

Well…my take based on my life experiment…mostly other stuff are mistaken for love…the need to feel voids rule and trick us into thinking that the emotion we feel…the feel good thing that delusionally and temporarily fills the gaps is also mistaken for love…or miscalled: love.

Lust is called love…flings are sweet talked as love…crushes are represented as love.

Maho love glorifies every meaningless urge and validates all related physical acts.


I thank allah…humbly and gratefully.

Anyways…Can’t be but glad that my heart is at rest…that i neither follow a mad dog urge to pursue romance nor allow such a pursuit touch my peaceful life.

Focus is what we need…good interpretation of feelings and calling every emotion by its suitable name…and really, really, people should fall in love out of deep valuable emotion mesh este5sar!!

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