I killed the fairy..not the tale!

It is not that i hate fairies…I don’t…actually they look so cute in cartoons and fiction movies.

But i hear there’s a tooth fairy…and this is the one i unintentionally killed.

Most likely she died “kabadan” …”ma2hoora ya3ni“.

I had a little pain in my tooth…I neglected it…it got stronger…I took pain killers…The pain got stronger and stronger to the extent that my head and neck were totally struck my pain and stiff as a rock.

come on…ask me…why haven’t i gotten myself to a dentist? well…I have three valid reasons non of them is logical…so, the tooth fairy committed suicide as i gave her a hernia in her tiny wings and she thought: og god oh god…why did you create this tooth hater rasha? and jumped in the well of no return.

I had a full day with the dentist yesterday…bas ba3d fawat el2awan…ra7et el tooth fairy felwaba :S

Set my teeth aside b2a…I don’t hate but i don’t enjoy fairy tales, while i LOVE thinking i could create as beautiful stories in reality.

Till now…one or two stories were/are as beautiful…three other trials were horrific…but maybe the beauty of life lies in having hope to be or make something beautiful despite the obstacles.

Maybe the beauty is for being happy with whatever you choose to create in life not just accepting what life throws at you.

But when we choose…why settle for a half ass story…why not aim for the stars?

Sometimes we’ll have a blast and sometimes not but the optimum should always be the stars…or what ever is more beautiful beyond it.

I can’t live trapped in my little misfortunes or live misguided by how deformed i might view my capabilities.

Maybe that’s faith…I don’t know for sure but it certainly feels like it.


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