groups or not!

A group…Apparently everything in life is bound to form groups.

Life is run by a group of people with mutual interests to make the biggest fortunes sucking people’s blood.

In politics, there are groups within a government…groups within a political party…and groups within ministries.

In businesses, there are groups within the company…groups within the departments…and freakin’ groups within the groups.

It is driving me crazy…I am not a group person…I may like someone in particular and do my best never let that show at work, like that girl who was my assistant in my old company…I LOVED her…she was so kind, so pure like babies and so good at work…she was amazing…I supported her fully while always trying to be fair and objective.

I am not a group person…I am a company person…some colleagues like me and some hate me and I go along just fine with both.

And when someone like me joins an online business/professional group it becomes a true challenge…especially if the group creator is a narcissist bitch…A group admin who never allows anyone to disagree or question the GREAT experienced creator…A group admin who’d reply to a counter opinion in bold red letters that it feels like a bull is running after you :S

I lose my mind easily when I’m annoyed by arrogance; that filthy human behavior that people confuse as pride or strength.

Socially b2a, I blend smoothly in groups but I don’t approach that…or let me say , I never attempted to approach that…I am a one to one person…I love to give from my heart and love to receive truthfully without the influence of a spectator.

Yet, going out with two or three friends is so much fun so I do it rarely but with the RIGHT company that will not ruin the good time for me.

How? Well, girls could relate to the following:

–          When you are having a great time with friends and you say something funny so they laugh then a specific girl would comment: why you laughing, that was a line from a movie.

–          When you are having dinner with friends, then accidentally go to the rest room to find two of your friends gossiping about you in there.

–          When you see the look, the meaningful mean look one of the girls gives the other to draw her attention to something you are wearing or something you just said.

–          When a girl can’t take a joke and tet2emes and ruins the whole outing by ranting so that everyone would spend the evening pampering her.

–          Or when some girl decides to be funny on your expense, so she would tehreeky tarya2a.

–          OR…elkebeera b2a, would teltosh bremark semaweya then when your face changes she would say: eh?? Bahazar…friends beyhazaro 3ady alla!!

Yeah…girls do that…not all of them but it is very likely for at least one incident of those mentioned above to happen within a group.

So, I am not a group person…I like individuals…and every other year I get the urge of knowing new friends…like these days…I have the urge and I am knowing new people of  a certain criteria while cherishing and treasuring my precious old friends.

Which leads me to another related point…I want…I NEED new female friends…most of my best friends are guys…so much easier to be friends with a guy…we get along instantly if he has three things: intelligence, sense of humor and respect.

But…I need the female bond…I have been a loaner for quite some time now and I was humble in my expectations so I didn’t allow myself to seek or even be there for friends to seek me.

so…my quest now is to open up and allow myself to enjoy new female friends.

I don’t know about groups yet…as except for the book club which i absolutely love and adore, i was never in a group…but…I am open for attractive suggestions and I promise my full devotion.

2 thoughts on “groups or not!

  1. Helmy, Thank you for passing by 🙂
    well…it is a quest i have no idea how to pursue…but i guess I’ll manage.
    are u sure there isn’t a loyal friend?
    Such a disturbing thought although i know first hand how it is…


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