Will you always turn your back?

leave on a bleeding track…

Will you always walk away?

pump into the walls of the lane

fit in as it closes on you again…

hide the tears that fall and sway

from side to side afraid to say

How hurt you are…what they did…

Will their noise forever be your tone

Will the lights dim the black and crack the bone

should your eyes burn with their sting

Will it drive you insane and turn you to stone

You smile You smile You smile

Support him and stand for a while

and they would shoot

and your heart… your root

will always long away and away

and your tears will fall yet sway and sway

see,  your lane is longer than long

and the walk is anything but strong

and the shake in your hands will point who’s to blame

and the break in your voice will scream his name

and the sight of the tiles stretching afar

and the ache in your heart will deepen the scar

and life will all be the lane

as you walk wishing it ends

and it will end

but the lane will carve your name…

*Inspired by Alicia…

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