Jan. or June??

Like nothing has changed…Like arrogance never learned the lesson…Like Evil never subsided in front of the powers of what’s right.

again…they strike…again they beat…they injuir and they kill.

With their newly bought fiercer tear gas bombs and their stronger bullets and their vigorous guns…Again they behave ruthlessly and again they carve a thousand holes in the flesh of the egyptian people.

And again…they find weaponless people to blame…and again they detain civil to the military jails and in front of  the military courts they will be judged.

It is all coming back again…

Like a rerun…a cruel show that won’t stop running…

Am I naive thinking that a new era has begun?? was i a fool? you might answer yes…but let me tell you…maybe the wishful thinking and the simple true rights i am in favor of and would always call for sound silly to you…

Maybe i sound so…but…basic line…plots are dirty…power will forever contaminated…politics will forever be a nasty game…and fact is WE WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON BEHIND THE CURTAINS.

So..silly or not…no one has the truth but the ones playing the game…the military…the government…al-ekhwan (semi-knowledge/fierce plotter) and USA.

The most absurd is the government…the puppet show.

The old wolf in the military is soooo internally powerful that he sits back and points at things so they be or NOT.

Al ekhwan don’t give a rat’s ass about who gets hit or killed or unfairly prosecuted…their eye is on the “chairs” and they are focused and organized…manipulative and dumb sleepy people defending them should wake the hell up!!

USA…orchestrates…not clearly…just awaits and just waves the wicked wand so that the whole middle east would stay under its wing and playing for its favor.

DAMN trash can!!

but…we…simple ordinary people can’t help but stick to what our narrow realization leads us…to what our heart tells us…to what we believe in.

YES there’s a conspiracy…but…is it avoidable?? conspires can use any random act or event to make a catastrophy…brainstorm, can we help??

I don’t know…I’m not sure…it is way out of my head.

But i know this…I know goodness when i see it…I know justice…I know right and wrong…I know of ideals.

I know NO ONE should use force against civils…no matter what happened and why. It is against the very basic human rights…It is against the very basic morals and democracy.

I know no civil should be detained by the military and prosecuted in front of their courts.

I know the police should organize security not lead to its explosion.

I know ordinary people should WORK…and WORK and WORK to save our country and economy and stop the god damn strikes and the god damn chaos…I know we have many rights that were swallowed in the rotten tummies of the thief this country used to let run it…but everything has a proper timing and our rights (financially) can wait till we save the land we belong to.

I know that the Prime minister should be more firm…that al3esawy should be fired!! immediately!!

I know that a freakin’ football match shouldn’t be our main concern NOW!

I know that people want a humane treatment…a firm grip on security…a fair grip!

Fire has been burning tahrir square for the past 24 hours…fire that apparently was waiting to ignite since february…masks are dropping…new masks are going to cover other truths…untill when…well…until we succeed to finish what we started civilly…

Untill human life is treated as precious…Untill the egyptian flesh is not that cheap…untill we know what we deserve and work for it…untill we experience and practice democracy as a worthy nation…untill we view each other as worthy…and untill we choose and elect according to who’s/what’s best…not according any other sick agenda.

Well…I will keep wishing for the very best…I will keep believing in the freedom i want…I will keep believing in my right to live in my country valuably…I will keep wanting a better egypt for my kids to grow up in.

And I will keep praying…that all the mess accompanying the changing process would end as safely and pain-free as possible.


9 thoughts on “Jan. or June??

  1. I am sorry for the disappointment you feel .. My word to you : Live and let die”.

    Our reality is harsh and so difficult to accept, but you mentioned facts above that have been and seemingly will always be facts on the ground. Many ideologies and many objectives , some float that we can see and many hidden.

    May God have mercy on all of us.


  2. @Fadi..Live and let die?
    not me..not I 🙂

    @sharifo…maho the scary part enno it will always be…bayen :S


  3. Anyway, it’s so obvious that you took my earlier comment with a spoon of salt! You developed an OK way against my tricks after all of those years.

    I have plenty of time to think of things going on around me and sadly saying each time I try to set it in away I find out that all roads take me back where I started. It’s just I am disappointed too ya Rasha ..


  4. Away from any disappointments you SHOULD know that not salt nor any other similar substance can remotely have a presence in anything regarding you…ya abo 3abdallah ezay ya3ni 🙂 😀

    the whole middle east is disappointing bsara7a…bas what can we do but hope…sa7?


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