How to see a rose?!

How can anyone see a rose but beautiful?

How can anyone ignore the scent…the rich red passion that lays in every petal?

How could anyone neglect the effort exerted in picking them and paying for themand presenting them?

How could anyone feel anything but admiration towards the gesture?

A sceptical person…a doubting soul…an eager self to label everything as fake because they can’t handle the immensity of the action…


But…Receiving roses is sweet…is tender…is touching…is refreshing…is thoughtful…is lovely…no matter what…roses have that effect…and a person who goes through the trouble should be appreciated.

Roses…many red luscious roses tied together in a tight voluptuous bouquet and surrounded by broad green leaves…tall stemd roses…scented red roses…beautiful roses that you’d want to hold forever and not let go…that you’d want to look at forever…breathe in and fill your lungs with their scent…

Wonderful red roses…


8 thoughts on “How to see a rose?!

  1. Hello … The first to notice your effort here 🙂

    I don’t like roses and I never gave them to anybody .. I like Gerbera flowers instead.

    Roses live two days in the vase , Gerbera’s last 10 days so they pay back well consequently better effect. And they come of many many colors.

    Petals? Odd! You were having tea when you posted this?

    Typical Egyptian!


  2. Someone…ezhar o ban 3aleek el2aman…mn ant?? 😀
    Well, i am a typical Egyptian fe3lan and i appreciate the effort and feelings put in giving someone those beautiful roses 🙂
    Gerbera flowers do not appeal to me…
    but if i’m to buy flowers for myself i wouldn’t go for roses nor gerbera nor any other type but my absolute favorite “Iris” the most unique flower to me.

    Goog…yekhaleek leya ya rab! 🙂


  3. @Gohary : I am not materialistic, you misunderstood. Flowers when they last longer they have a better effect and bring more joy.

    @Rasha: Iris , where you get this? Seasonal.


  4. Someone, In Egypt it’s in flower shops for 40 days only by late march…amazingly beautiful and graceful…
    for the last two seasons i didn’t find it any where so i miss it,and it lasts for at least two weeks and little buds grow and blossom in the vase.


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