Elections drag queens

The first parliament elections after the revolution should be a liberating very exciting experience for me…as giving my vote, now, should make me feel ecstatic since democracy “is” being practiced politically in my country now on a new wider scale.

But…I don’t feel this way…I don’t feel the democracy in the air after we fought away a corrupt regime…I feel confused and here’s why:

– The new age politicians and the new representatives of the public who are running for seats in the parliament are mostly from the old faces we’ve seen for years and who were in total cooperation with the old government…few new faces appeared…faces that have no experience and doing no publicity so i have no idea what are their agendas or what they are capable of.

– incidents of violence and killing distracted/consumed us during the last few months that proper preparation for the elections were not made.

– the way the fundamentalists and the Muslim brothers are gathering themselves so powerfully and organized is actually freaking me out…I do not believe in a religious political party…I think it defies the religious aspect and messes the political life…yet, I accept their representation as a democratic aspect…but in the absence of equal powers to sustain the balance…i am worried.

– Many of the candidates sound and seem like drag queens…they over do wanting to sound “politicians” while they only make me either laugh or feel sick :S

My dilemma now…I don’t have many names that fulfill my political needs so i can go there and vote for them…I need hard home work and research to find a couple of names who are worthy of representing me in the new era Egypt is starting.

My needs as a single working mother.

many discourage me saying that i shouldn’t bother as it will be a messed up situation in Egypt anyway…I refuse to think so…as, I have no asset in life now but passion and hope!