Cairo Winter

The burning sun cools a bit…the fuming dust rests a bit…night noise tones down a bit…

My skin likes smooth fabric covering it heavier bit by bit…hot drinks are favored a bit and ice melts goodbye…

Walks are longer and more frequent…outings are earlier…nights are lonelier…and mornings are louder and busier…

I meet my winter…for i have grasped my first breath in December and it was chilling cold i bet…

I meet my winter and i miss Cairo winter…when streets sparkle at night and its yellow lights bring me moral warmth…

In winter i notice the fuming sweet potato carts by the Nile and the smoking hot Huge pots of spicy chickpeas waiting for a cold couple to hold it’s hot cups and laugh over the heat of the chili meeting their cold teeth…

In winter i notice Cairo lights falling on the dark waters of the Nile painting a thousand paintings of Cairo night colors…

Coats and Shawls hug people intimately and encourage them to leave their warm beds and breathe in winter nights clean air…

My winter is about movies and poetry and the occasional ride with a loved one under Cairo preciously rare rain…

It’s the mild quiet announcement that another year will be gone forever…that another set of dreams need to be written and wholeheartedly wished for…and that a list of heartaches need to be torn away to a long gone farewell…

I love Cairo winter…I love my winter…

5 thoughts on “Cairo Winter

  1. I enjoyed reading but for an instance i felt you were talking about a virtual experience (not real) because I doubt you know what winter is in Cairo. Get to Amman to get a feel.

    I am living virtual winters in KSA too .. Winter here is when temperatures are around 28-32 C at night!

    What makes you special is that you’re a blogger in essence , so home sweet home. Other just enjoy the miserable sharing phobia on facebook and feel delighted posing on others what they hardly understood reading or watching something online.

    Isla Bonita for you … Perhaps this will waken up the so 80’s you in you.

    Meanwhile , I will enjoy Thriller 🙂


  2. aaah sweet 80s when madonna enforced the word “virgin” into my polite vocabulary and made me yell at papa in my head when he preached…ayam :))))

    cairo gets pretty cold in winter…mesh zay jordan of course bas bardo mesh zay elsa7ara2 elgarda2 elly 3andoko 🙂

    home sweet home…3o2balak 😉


  3. Oh .. Yanbu is not so desert .. We have palm trees 🙂

    I wish I get over myself to go back to my blog.

    Have a good morning.


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