When darkness is seen as broad daylight

When harm is seen as sheer delight

When truths are only repeated lies

When myths reform into cries


Day dream all you want poor mind

you are alone, detained, collapsed yet can find,

sweet logic against a sort of madness, one of a kind

sweet reality…broken melody…echoes defined


you fall weak to your knees

can’t bear to stand, or run…you just freeze

can’t bring a stream to the scream to release

Ache and more ache pulse in ease


create a hurricane of words and tunes

swirling up to the seventh sky..forming dunes

lay onto the ground…magnify the ruins

sleep into the earth…restrain your doings


Madness will sink you down

Laughs will burn you up

Delusions will eat you alive

hurt will track your mind


for…nothing changes

crazy wishes can’t change them

million trials can’t bring them

crying and wallowing and giving can’t cure them


Madness is seeing the pit and choosing the fall

Madness is losing one bit what you know is whole

Madness is sewing the silkiness of a wall

Madness is you…loving…who can never be all

Madness is believing the lies and stall

Madness is forgiving sins and meeting run with crawl

Madness is giving big and never even taking small

Madness is desiring at night and by day appal

Madness is breaking airless rooms with a cry..a call

Madness is unpinning what you spent years to install

Madness is the GOOD you…out of control.


One thought on “Madness

  1. This was painful and crazy and intense.
    I never know how a rose like you can have such feelings and wordings.
    be well, will you?


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