why is it so hard for me to believe it…

that your heartbeats really breathe for me,

that you are a single cloud sheltering me,

that you rain just to nurture me,

that you’re insane for my passion,

that you see me…really me…

that the value of my heart is safe in your core…

that my sight and sensation bring life to you…

that you long for the mere existence of me…

that you worship through me…

that you are torn just to give into me…

that u see roses in my balms and smell the magic of the seas on my neck…

that you wake to the shine in my eyes and rest asleep on the silver beams on my chest…

that you rise onto my high waves…like a floating star…

and hang down deep with me…in the flames of love…

that you linger when i’m in your arms to linger when i’m so far…

that you’re stronger in my eyes and stronger when you weaken in me…above…

that you know what hope is…as you hope for my next sigh…

that you taste luscious sparks when you taste my traces…

that you desire heaven because heaven grants you I…

that you strive to feed me pleasure exerted from my pleasure…

that you ache to parent a tiny form of me…as you love me dearly…and endlessly forever…

that you might turn soft tunes to thunder to protect me from harm…

defend my heart with echos louder than any storm…

that i am the salvation…the manifestation of soul…

that you dream and ache to skin my back…

that you wanna live me…and die in me…

I find it hard to believe, yet doubts fail to keep me away…because i can’t believe you are capable of loving me the way i love you more and more each day…

رسالة الى تاج راسى


مع انك مغيرنى …بس بحبك

مع انك طوق حوالين رقبتى

 ولجام حوالين دماغى

بس بحبك

بستخبى فيك

بدارى جنانى بيك

لاففنى بأمان وحفاظة


أحياناً بزهدك…

بزهدك علشان أشترى عيون الناس

قبول الناس


وبتحرر منك

علشان أتنفس

عشان أحس انى والسما واحد

عشان البحر يغرقنى فيه

عشان احس ان الهوا سكن شعرى وطار بيه

برجعلك بقلب

زى ما بزهدك بقلب

برجعلك واعيطلك تسامحنى

عشان بحبك

ده مش تخلى

ده مش نُكران

ده مش كُفر بيك

ده مش عصيان

ده…مش عارفة ده ايه


انا انسانة…زى ما بحبك

ساعات بقلب عليك

او…او بس هو الهوا…والمية…والسما

وشمس حامية ترجع فى عروقى الحياة

وعيون الناس اللى بتحضنى من غيرك

بتلهى بيهم عنك

بس برجعلك

علشان حبيتك

اوي… حبيت سترك…حدودك…

استكانة عفاريتى بيك…استكانة مُريحة أوووووى

بتحبنى وطاير جنبى؟

مسامحنى وحاسس بحبى؟

طب افتكرلى حاجة حلوة

يوم ما اتشتمت بيك

يوم ما اتهجرت ليك

يوم ما اتهمشت عشان جريت عليك

حياة ابوك ما تزعل منى

عشان ساعات بزدريك


افرح انى مش بنافقك

افرح انى بصدق بحبك…وقت ما بحبك

ووقت الخنقة بعفيك

من لومى وزلتى

ع الاقل انت فى حياتى امانة

مش بخونك ..انا كنت بستسمحك

بستسمحك انساك

واعيش من غيرك

بستسمحك وببعد من غير ما اسيبك 

شايف رجوعى بحب

كان الاجازة من غيرك كانت وحشة

كان من غيرك انا وحدى فى وَحشة

والله بحبك

اقبلنى كما انا

حريتى فى حبك غِنى

حريتى انى اخترتك..بقلبى وبعقلى وبايدى انا

الخيانة مش البُعاد

الخيانة ابقى لازقاك فيا وكرهاك

وانا حباك

تلاتة بالله العظيم حباك



إيشاربى يا إيشاربى…

سامحنى لو غلطت …شِعرى كله فداك


Will you always turn your back?

leave on a bleeding track…

Will you always walk away?

pump into the walls of the lane

fit in as it closes on you again…

hide the tears that fall and sway

from side to side afraid to say

How hurt you are…what they did…

Will their noise forever be your tone

Will the lights dim the black and crack the bone

should your eyes burn with their sting

Will it drive you insane and turn you to stone

You smile You smile You smile

Support him and stand for a while

and they would shoot

and your heart… your root

will always long away and away

and your tears will fall yet sway and sway

see,  your lane is longer than long

and the walk is anything but strong

and the shake in your hands will point who’s to blame

and the break in your voice will scream his name

and the sight of the tiles stretching afar

and the ache in your heart will deepen the scar

and life will all be the lane

as you walk wishing it ends

and it will end

but the lane will carve your name…

*Inspired by Alicia…

It’s time to stop!

It takes a very honest, a very insightful and a very faithful person to know when is the right time to stop.

To stop a deliciously painful relationship…To stop taking the roller coaster of failed projects…or to stop performing while someone’s actually great at what they do.

Stopping here doesn’t mean defeat, giving up or letting go…it means to win self-respect, to gain more value and to experiment new more suitable passions of life.

Maybe Fairouz, the one and only, who has one of the most unique voices of the last century and the contributor to the most special musical school in the middle east should have really thought about leaving her musical legacy as perfect as it is without the most recent contribution…an album that contained great music, and great techniques that didn’t manage to hide the age related crack in her amazing singing ability.

To have an ongoing  passion for music never means standing on stage trying to minimize the singing range of the phrases because it is not attainable any more.

To live the passion fully till the very last breath sometimes means limiting the disclosure and enjoying the satisfaction of sharing a kind of art that will live as long as humans will ever live…

Fairouz, of course can sing…a lot better than any of our current singers…but when had she ever competed with others?!!

She is the one, and the only competition really is between herself now and herself a few years back.

The glowing star will forever shine if left up in the sky…but if it would fall on earth it would turn into a burnt out stone…