I should’ve known those…to keep me sane today!

Dearest Jerusalem stirred this and as i take another look at it today…well, yes, I would’ve loved to know those to skip the struggle now.

  1. Remember the target i set last week to loose the 20 kg…belmonasba ya3ni today is the weigh in and i lost 4 kg and I’m thrilled for that…guess what? I’m not even gonna treat me something yummy for the achievement…no no, I’m only gonna commit to more exercise which brings me back to the first thing i shouldve known before i turned 18: NEVER take your teen metabolism for granted. Exercising your way up to the thirties make you feel healthy and beautiful and ageless.

  2. You don’t have to sacrifice something that you love for anyone. If your passion is music or writing or hiking or whatever, you can be what youآ wantآ and be with whoever you want while continuing to do what you love.

  3. Take lots of pictures, have lots of friends, take every trip possible,آ try every type of food but slow down on the guys thing…not that big a deal.

  4. Read very mature and sophisticated books but behave as naughty as a child…don’t over do the grown up look and behavior…grown ups don’t like it anyway!

  5. Perfect Love stories areآ a myth!!آ clear and simple…

  6. oh, one more thing, perfect love stories are a MYTH!

آ Now I’m tagging 7ala, fantasia, That guy,آ Summer, Fadi K, Gooogآ and Mais*

Guys, feel free to skipp 🙂

Thanks for jeru 🙂



What kind of blog is this?!

The Guy who talks to a pigeon called Frank tagged me and guys let me tell you that he has one great blog…so check it out and ed3ooli 🙂


The Questions:

1- What kind of blog is your blog (Cat, Boss or Viral blog)? refer to this post for the definitions.

Well..currently and due to a severe case of self centered nagging depression…

It’s a cat…mabrook 😀 yet it used to be Viral gedan..


2- Out of the 111.2 million blogs in the blogosphere, what makes a blog stand out ?

To me a blog is personal even if it’s not about personal rants or whatever…so…it’s the writer’s character…


3- What, in your opinion, makes YOUR blog stand out? Why should we read your blog?

My blog doesn’t stand out and i honestly don’t think of a reason why should it be read…i can’t even joke about it hehehehe…look…read it if u like me 😛


The Rules:
– After you’ve posted your answers, you may tag up to 5 of your friends.
– If you were tagged, you’re not obligated to answer. But come on… don’t be a party-pooper!
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Okay, so I tag:آ Fedo’s,آ Eno’s ,آ Gohary’sآ 


Blogs that have answered this tag:
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