In movies, the story always ends.

To say…the truth or the lies

Or to stay silent.

To do…Good or harm

Or tie your hands

Those are the ordinary??

but what if all he could say is scream and all he could do is take revenge by his bare hands…beat…harm…stab…cut into the flesh…kill?!!

That is what people call it: the extreme.

What if that is all he could think of?

That would make him a monster??

What if some people inflict massive harm to many people and they deserve the revenge?? what if they’re evil devils walking on earth??

What if those people he wants to cut through their flesh killed his kids…beat him up…rapped his wife…stole his life and dignity…or did anything that justifies his revenge??

Would that make him any less of a monster??

Well…Don’t we love movies…where justice with no consequences can be applied…and satisfying endings can actually draw an ending to a story.

Problem with real life drama is that, the story never ends!