Is it really news??

Come on people…for god sake…is it really news??

I bet that the most repeated words online those past few days were Wikileaks and Elections…now what is so shocking?!

That through the wikileaks we’ve opa! discovered that the Egyptian government is betraying both the Egyptians and the arab dilemma (aka known as Palestine) and other arab nations??

Well, as we say in egypt: adeema!! old news…predicatble news…this is who they are…monsters in Italian suits who would never get arrested!!!

That the egyptian elections is a complete facade and that the ruling party will win??

Well, even older news: gazma adeema news!! historic repetitions made it as factual as the pyramids…this is how politics are now…governtized lies, thefts and forgeries!!

7ameeha 7arameeha and we all know it.

Now, can we do anything but god damn protest and call for protests?!!

hell no…cause intellectual organized protests that will go bad and young helpless people will get arrested won’t fix the situation …not for one bit…who’d listen?? who has the power to change??

This country needs an atomic bomb or a revolution that will identify and reorganize its madness.

Lets just hope the new revolutionary callers don’t get infected and repeat the corruption but in the 21 century’s way.

history does repeat itself…where will something new appear…if humans are the ones writing it?!!