About tomorrow…

I know in my heart that the revolution did it…I believe the change has been done and what’s left is a matter of formality.

After all, Changing mind sets of millions is definitely the Change that will make tyrans falls…or they have already.

The aftermath is what occupies my mind now…who’s next…what is next…how would the country be handled??

The several questions people choose to add answers to from their preferences.

Well…who’s next?

I can not speculate…personally the only name that appeals to me is Amr Mousa…yet, I’m not sure he’s tough enough…i’m not sure if he is a man with firm actions and fast decision-making…

What’s next?

More democracy definitly…less corruption for sure…not total…not complete…but related to the amount of correction that happened in the Egyptian mind and personality, as ordinary people are the ones playing under the big names’ ruling…corruption won’t be the default and people learned NOW that who ever messes up will be punished.

How would the country be handled?

Noone..and i repeat no one in any position that could handle egypt had any experience in handling a democratic country…the corrective system we want and wish for has never been trained for or practiced…so i guess it will be a matter of doing their best or…trying to do their best…and again, democracy won’t be completely practiced by the government…but…the people will always have the power to change…elmared tele3 men el2om2om 🙂

that being said, having incomplete corrections and unexperienced trials and being led by someone who doesn’t have the “know how” is not a bad thing…as a matter of fact it is the first step in the road of excellence…

Which brings me to a last question…is there a chance of an excellent fair ruling??

Well…flawless and perfect…NO!!

With pros and cons but most public can agree on…well…possible!


Because i believe that power and what it attracts (lust, money and arrogance) is a major fetna that no one can handle 100%.

This is how Humans are, was and always will be…

but…i also believe that having a totally correct government is not the most major accomplishment we can gain from the revolution…it is the recreation of belief in will power, freewill and pride.

And this meaning can’t be robbed from any of us…if we choose to nurture it, it can take us to the highest levels of humanity.

So…Tomorrow is about every and each one of us and the new-born treasure that has been handed to us..not about the one person who’s going to be president.

I am a proud Egyptian!!

Ana 7adkhol fel mawdoo3…

This is a brief post, to celebrate having internet connection back after it has been off for the past six days.

Millions of Egyptians protested…

The police killed many…more appeared everywhere…mubarak gave orders to the police to vanish everywhere around the country…but also secret police, thugs and others who had machine guns filled the country breaking and stealing and terrifying people.

A curfew paralyzed the country where shops closed and people went home…no car gas…no pharmacies…no markets.

no phones…no internet…no life!

the men living in every street held sticks and made check points so they can secure their families in their neighborhoods.

Organized, polite and strong-willed stayed all night in the street down each building to secure it.

The sound of non stop shooting and machine guns terrified my kids and mom…it was so close and so heavy and so loud…we were home…but scared as news that those thugs go up to apartments to steel and attack.

BUT…millions fought…millions protested…milluions had demands…millions weren’t scared.

we rewrote history…and we are proud Egyptians again.

The whole world saw us and was inspired…other countries took action to change their situations after our force echoed everywhere.

I had lost hope at sometime and was going to travel away…now i am filled with hope and pride and power-driven from such a hard situation.

Ok…so econmics will suffer…well, it has been bad for Egyptians economically for so long because of the thieves in the governments…now, it might be bad but because we are willing to pay the price of freedom.

History has been made…everything will be different…and i have more to say but later…as now i am overwhelmed and excited that i have internet connection back

but before i go read around every post that has been written in the past days…I wanna express my gratitude and appreciation to my friends who called when phones were on.

Thank you…I cherish you and feel fortunate that i have you as my friends.


The above post was written before i realize the massacre Mubarak has ordered for in Tahrir square down town Cairo.

He ordered thugs, secret police in casual clothing and paid gangs to attack the protestors.

They attacked them by horses, knives, acid and sticks and stones…many were killed and hundreds were injured and the army forces present at that location did NOTHING.

Mubarak is a trator…Mubarak should be prosecuted for treason…Mubarak is an old wounded war beast that planed revenge from the peaceful protestors…Mubarak is the new age fer3awn…

The new minister for interior security should be prosecuted as well…the vice president and the prime minister and the head of the military forces.

Egyptian people won’t retreat…Egyptian people will continue what they started…Egyptian people will attain freedom…God willing!

2011- Revolutionary year!

January has always been the month where all the slow things begin.

It is the first month of the slow year…slow motivation…slow actions.

but not any more…not to me personally and not to my country.

Last year, i posted how i despised and resented my beloved country for the first time…how i felt alienated and unprivileged in it…how i wanted to relocate to some other land.

Well…Now, it is a TOTALLY different story…now i have hope…now i can love Egypt again, like i always did all my life…now i can feel how closely do i belong, just like i felt all my life…now i can’t imagine being anywhere else, just like i have always since i was a child.

It has been a really long time since we had hope that life could be different…

It has been ages, as the ast time other countries looked at Egyptians with pride instead of the humiliating look they give us, was back in history and before i was born.

It has been ages since we’ve shown the kind of power we have shown in the last few days.

I wish i could marsh and shout and beat and get beaten…but for the two times i’ve moved towards the protest, i moved late and unorganized that i had nothing there to do but help with news, attempt to help protestors or merely just be there sharing or being close if my help was needed…

And during that time i found too many extreme mixed feelings…maternal feelings towards kids left at home… feelings towards friends with me whom i care for their safety…fear from the force…HATE towards force…solidarity with Egyptians…enthusiasm set on fire…and to my surprise i kept picturing myself attacking soldiers or thugs, but i didn’t…and i kept visualizing colors of brutality inflicted upon me by people in my personal life…and i felt the same resentment and hate…as if personal pain is personified in the forces down town Cairo…

All the ache, pain, hate and resentment i felt in my life had another mirrored form in the ache, pain, hate and resentment i felt while seeing and being among the protestors fleeing from tear gas bombs and gun shots…the amounts of security forces dressed in black with their shields and helmets were the manifestation of the demons responsible for every pain i went through…

As evil is from the same origin…cause formes of harm…cause formes of hate…and cause formes of REVOLUTION.

young men got beaten in front of my eyes…young men were detained in front of my eyes…and police thugs moved calmly in their casual outfits among thousands of people and we could spot them…we identified them by the monstrous look on their faces.

January 25th and 26th were two days that reformed the Egyptian life and rewrote the Egyptian modern history…and I got to live it and witness it and participate with a minor shade…a shade more sheer than pale white…but at least  i was there…

I was there and many weren’t…Many were lame and cold..Many were too numb to feel or react…Many lost hope and couldn’t see the hope in the revolution…many are drowning themselves to death in self loathing.

Many didn’t get the beating Amr Salama took, nor shouted like Amr waked shouted….Many weren’t detained like Basil Fateen (writer), Many didn’t inhale tear gas like I and my friends along with thousands of Egyptians have…Many weren’t chased down the streets and Many didn’t take rubber bullets and were injured or even dead…

If only 1/80 from the population got down to the streets…this country would have the freedom we seek…and,

Change has always been scary for me…as i have always loved to have security and stability…but now i know…that change is like giving birth…it might be hard and painful…but always promising and vibrant and full of life.

2011…is a good year…keep surprising me please…personally and nationally.

Is it really news??

Come on people…for god sake…is it really news??

I bet that the most repeated words online those past few days were Wikileaks and Elections…now what is so shocking?!

That through the wikileaks we’ve opa! discovered that the Egyptian government is betraying both the Egyptians and the arab dilemma (aka known as Palestine) and other arab nations??

Well, as we say in egypt: adeema!! old news…predicatble news…this is who they are…monsters in Italian suits who would never get arrested!!!

That the egyptian elections is a complete facade and that the ruling party will win??

Well, even older news: gazma adeema news!! historic repetitions made it as factual as the pyramids…this is how politics are now…governtized lies, thefts and forgeries!!

7ameeha 7arameeha and we all know it.

Now, can we do anything but god damn protest and call for protests?!!

hell no…cause intellectual organized protests that will go bad and young helpless people will get arrested won’t fix the situation …not for one bit…who’d listen?? who has the power to change??

This country needs an atomic bomb or a revolution that will identify and reorganize its madness.

Lets just hope the new revolutionary callers don’t get infected and repeat the corruption but in the 21 century’s way.

history does repeat itself…where will something new appear…if humans are the ones writing it?!!

انتخابات مشوية بالجيفة

وتساءلت اليوم صباحاً عن جدوى ادلاء الصوت بلا مقابل مادى (حيث ان المقابل المادى هو السبب الوحيد نصف المنطقى للانتخاب) لاحد الاطراف…اذا كان الاختيار يقع بين فاسد ومن هو اقل فساداً او على أكثر تقدير من يملك فساداً من نوع أقل تأثيراً على المواطن المسكين

وتساءلت ليلة أمس عند مرورى أمام شادر اقامه السيد ابو العينين أو أنصاره ومؤيديه بالمنيب…الشادر ذكرنى بمولد السيدة زينب…موسيقى عالية وأضواء ودُخان شواء وزحام حتى الفجر وسيارات توزع أشياء لم أتبينها…حينها تساءلت…هل من ينفق ملايين عدة على دعايا ورشاوى إنتخابية بحاجة لكرسى المجلس…وأعرف أنه سؤال ساذج لاننى أعرف -عن قريب- شهوة السلطة وقوة الحصانة و كيف يسترد سيادة النائب ملايينه بعشرات أضعافها بعد قربه من زملاءة تحت القبة ليلعبوا لعبة توافيق وتباديل المصالح والصفقات

وتساءلت الاسبوع الماضى وانا استمع بنفسى الى مؤامرة أحد المرشحين للإطاحة بآخر (كلاهما من الحزب الوطنى بالمناسبة) واستعداده لدفع عدة ملايين حتى تكون الإطاحة  “قانونية”…تساءلت وقتها عن تكوين ضمير هذا الرجل..مما صُنع…وكم سيسعه العمر حتى يتمتع بإمتيازات المجلس حيث ان المرشح على أعتاب السبعين

وتساءلت منذ شهر مضى ورأسى تلتهب تحت سيشوار مصففة الشعر وانا أستمع الى صوت سيدة من أشهر سيدات المجتمع والأدب والصحافة وهى تنظم تليفونياً المهزلة المُسماة “كوتة المرأة” وتعطيها لتلك وتأخذها من أخرى وكأنها محرك العرائس وبيده كل شىء…تساءلت وقتها عن جدوى مصروفات الحملة الإنتخابية إذا كانت النتيجة مضمونة مُسبقاً

وأجابنى عن كل تساؤلاتى التى هى بالأصل ليست تساؤلات بل متنفس طبيعى لعقلى حتى لا تحترق ربع خلاياه العبقرية ، أجابنى حديث فردى أمن يحرسان مُنشأة إحدى السفارات بجانب بيتى…فقد كنت أحمل ما حطمت أمى بشراءة ميزانية الشهر وأستعد لغلق السيارة والمشى بضع خطوات الى بابا منزلى حين سمعت فرد الأمن يقول للآخر : “ده الحاج ده صارف 14 مليون على اللحمة والكسوة والفلوس اللى اداها للناس…ده غير الانوار والعربيات ام مكروفون اللى دايرة من صباحة ربنا تنادى عليه زى اللى بينادوا على عيل تايه”

فرد عليه الآخر: “يا عم 14 مليون ايه…ده نعر…بالكتير بالكتير مية الف جنيه…هو اصلاً حد معاه 14 مليون…طب حيرشح نفسه ليه لو هو غنى اوى اوى اوى كده؟!”

والاخوة الغلابة افراد الأمن الذين يفرحون بالعيد حتى يتمكنوا من اخذ بضعة جنيهات الى اهليهم بالريف او الصعيد وأمثالهم هم سبب تفاقم الفساد بهذه البلد وهم أيضاً من يدفعون الثمن…لانهم برغم ضيق حالهم لا يعرفون الحقيقة ولا يريدون ان يعرفونها وقد التهوا بالأحاديث وجمع جنيهات قليلة عن بحثهم عنها…فلم تعد البلد تعنيهم…وسلموا بسطوة لصوص المجتمع ونُهاب ثرواته

إذا كان من الطبيعى أن يقبل الإنسان ان يكسب غيره مئات الملايين بالنهب ويكسب هو 17 جنيهاً بالوقوف على قدميه فى العراء 12 ساعة يومياً…وإذا كان من الطبيعى ان نذهب لننتخب لصاً أظرف من لصٍ آخر…فنستحق دون شك أن نكون البلد التى نحن هى الآن…بلد فقر وجهل وانعدام احساس ويأس لغالبية سكانها


أما السؤال الذى لم أجد له إجابة معظم حياتى هو: لماذا أسمع وأرى بنفسى وعن قرب كل ما هو قاسٍ وكريه بهذه الدُنيا؟؟

هل يجب أن تنبنى معرفتى بالموت على ملامسة الجيفة؟؟

ألا تكفى الحكايا…مثل باقى البشر؟؟؟

A country for the police

See that pic?!

I took that when i was registering my car yesterday.

I read it and i was like, ok…so…?!!

It sure seemed like there was some missing text…because the head of the unit is greeting the egyptian citizen and telling him that because the ministry of interior cares to bond with the citizens and provide the best service….and the text stops…so?? what?? what will you do dear police unit?? what??

They either forgot to continue or the page has finished before they can continue or…or it is just like how it is always…talk and a promise for…blank!!

Police officers are the happiest segment of Egyptians…actually i think that this country is of great quality only for police officers…lets see,

– They are not battered everyday and humiliated by police officers…ironic? well…

– They are not suppressed from the government!!

– The government gives them houses, pensions and power to do anything they want.

– They would take anything from anyone free of charge and give favors in return, ask any cab driver if he ever got paid by any policeman in any rank…ask local restaurants…cafes…supermarkets that happen to be in the policeman’s residential or unit’s neighborhood.

– They can terrify anyone into doing anything…prostitutes offering free services, drug dealers and other ways!!

– Ethical police officer?? sure..they are not all corrupted, but those also manage to benefit from their position…best jobs awaits their finishing the service, best facilities in return of legal/faster favours…hand picked pieces of half priced land and apartments and cars…info for big commercial deals as a side activity…and so on…masale7!!

This is a country for the police…ordinary people fee alienated in it…

Belonging is a platonic romantic feeling some of us still have towards the land, the Nile, the sea and the taste of what was once called home.

I still taste it…but i resent everything else.

An Unlawful country

I live in one dangerous chaotic country that does not apply nor follow its own laws.

It drove me mad today as i saw a lady sitting beside her husband in the front seat and holding her baby…apparently a new born because he was in a baby case made of sponge and cloth!!

the baby’s head was facing her and resting on the dashboard…i tried to come close to warn her…yell…wave…do anything but we were speeding on a highway and they took a sudden turn to the right so i lost them.

I don’t know whether she’s ignorant or stupid or just a reckless woman who doesn’t deserve being a mom.

and I don’t know how the hell does our lousy police leave such violations be the norm…that wasn’t the first time, of course…I saw it many times…and what makes me angry is that no one speaks…as if some crimes are dealt with as part of our chaotic behaviour as a nation…we’ve become numb…we stopped caring about many things and now we even stopped caring about the lives of our children…this mother is a criminal… babies belong in their tight chairs in the back seat…these are international safety precautions… 

Not enough that the police allow violations like drinking under the influence, exceeding speed limits mid town and harassing girls (aslan, patrol officers do much of the harassing themselves) to be done under their noses…as if we are above the harm…as if jeopardizing people’s lives is an ordinary daily action.

It has become a mad behaviour…I blame everyone in the streets who’d see such dangers and shut up…I blame the police…and i am not much of a critic of my country because i always see the cause of the fault…and the cause is always corruption of the human nature…but such actions aren’t that…it’s neglecting the worth of our humanity…and that is no government’s fault…it is the people’s!

It makes me angry and boiling just to realize how harm and hurt are normal now…the average man doesn’t cease to harm and hurt others in every form and shape…loved ones, relatives, colleagues or mere strangers…

A driver would run over a cat and laugh!!

A mom would put a new born in a 50:50 chance for death and sings along with the radio…

A father would abandon his kids and leaves them in the streets for a piece of ass or a drug or whatever shit he follows…

A friend would deliberately trash his friends just to fill time and gossip.

Love has no meaning…life has become cheap…and humans are names and numbers.

What the hell is going on?!!

Between harm, abuse, cheating, lying, corruption and violence we do live and some good people try to hold their head up high and make a clean path in the middle of a sea of trash and soul diseases…and they suffer for a living!

Decent life has become a challenge.

Everyone who’d jeopardize the life of another human being should be prosecuted…It is no joke…it is a precious life in danger.

Damn, i am angry…and hurt!!